Bogota Falls | Amazing natural waterfall in Telangana

Bogota Falls | Amazing natural waterfall in Telangana

Bogatha Falls is positioned in Cheekupalli village of Wajidu Mandal, Mulugu District, Telangana State. It is ninety kilometers from Mulugu and a hundred and forty kilometers from Warangal. Bogatha Falls is the second biggest waterfall in Telangana region.

Bogota Falls is a flow of water flowing from stunning hills surrounded by way of lush inexperienced forests. Water flows in the waterfall all through the yr. The first-rate time to go is among June to November whilst the water is at its height. There is not any street infrastructure and visitors must tour on a short footpath to attain Bogota Falls.

Bogatha Falls is known as “Telangana Niagara Falls” and “Telangana Niagara” is an appealing region to visit and explore; It is a well maintained garden and a tower to go searching. A temple committed to Sri. Bhogadri is positioned close to Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Falls. With the onset of monsoon, the Bogata waterfall flows high and Cheikupalli is packed with water.

Best Time to Visit Bogatha Waterfalls:
The nice time to visit this waterfall is between June and November, while there may be sufficient water this is floating to be enjoyed.

The most critical points of interest are:
Bogateswara Swamy Temple The temple is placed at the top part of the waterfall. This temple provides lovely views of the complete area and is visited by means of many who go to to wish and ask for benefits. Be certain to make the effort to comprehend the stunning perspectives from this temple.

Watch Tower: That is specially designed for viewers to get the exceptional landscape from the pinnacle.

Butterfly GardenThis garden is the house of butterflies from everywhere in the international. Within the state, surrounded with ancient bushes and peaceful landscapes.

Children’s Park: The play location is inside the park, with children of their minds.

Lovely birds which swoop on waterfalls

The Kingfishers include Drongos the Eagle-owl Lapwing, Purple sunbird, Malabar whistling Thrush Ashy Prinia Woodpecker, Eagles, and the river fowls.

Entry Fee: 10 Rs

Contact Details: Forest Range Officer: Shankar – 9849358923

Bogatha Waterfalls Timings:
Here are the Boothha waterfalls’ instances:

Sunday to Wednesday: 9 am to five pm
Thursday to Saturday: 5 am to 9 pm
Bogatha Waterfalls is a wide ranging herbal surprise located in Cheekupally village of Wazeedu Mandal, Mulugu district, Telangana inside the Indian kingdom of Telangana. Situated inside the middle of the Western Ghats mountain variety, the waterfall is a famous vacationer vacation spot that draws visitors from everywhere in the world. In this text, we are able to explore the records and importance of Bogatha Waterfalls, the ecological significance of the encompassing location, and the numerous approaches wherein visitors can enjoy this outstanding vacation spot.

History and Significance of Bogatha Waterfalls

Bogatha Waterfalls is positioned in the Cheekupally village of Wazeedu Mandal, Mulugu district, Telangana, which is part of the Telangana state in India. The waterfall is situated inside the center of the Western Ghats mountain variety, that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the eight “most up to date hotspots” of biodiversity inside the international. The Western Ghats are home to a huge form of plants and fauna, inclusive of many endemic species that are discovered nowhere else in the world.

The history of Bogatha Waterfalls is not properly-documented, but it’s miles believed to have been recognised to the nearby tribes for centuries. The name “Bogatha” is said to be derived from the Telugu word “bogadi,” because of this “a creek that flows via a valley.” The waterfall turned into not well known to outsiders until currently, whilst it started out to draw travelers from everywhere in the world.

Ecological Importance of Bogatha Waterfalls

Bogatha Waterfalls is situated in a location this is rich in biodiversity and ecological importance. The surrounding vicinity is home to a huge sort of plant life and fauna, together with many rare and endangered species. The Western Ghats mountain range is taken into consideration to be one of the world’s most critical biodiversity hotspots, and is domestic to over 7,000 species of flora and animals.

The forests surrounding Bogatha Waterfalls are also an important source of wood and other wooded area merchandise, which are used by nearby groups for their livelihoods. However, these forests are also below chance from deforestation and other styles of habitat destruction, which are pushed with the aid of factors which include logging, mining, and agriculture.

In current years, there was a growing recognition of the importance of keeping the ecological integrity of the Western Ghats region. The Indian authorities has designated numerous areas of the vicinity as blanketed areas, along with national parks and natural world sanctuaries. These included regions are meant to preserve the location’s biodiversity and to promote sustainable improvement.

Bogota Falls | Amazing natural waterfall in Telangana

Tourism at Bogatha Waterfalls
Bogatha Waterfalls has end up a famous destination for travelers in current years, attracting traffic from all around the world. The waterfall is placed in a remote and scenic location, and offers visitors a hazard to experience the herbal beauty of the Western Ghats vicinity.

Visitors to Bogatha Waterfalls can experience a whole lot of sports, along with trekking, tenting, chook-watching, and swimming. The waterfall is surrounded by way of lush forests and scenic hills, and there are many trails and pathways that allow traffic to explore the region.

One of the most popular activities at Bogatha Waterfalls is hiking. Visitors can hike alongside the trails that wind thru the surrounding forests and hills, taking part in the lovely scenery and the sounds of the cascading waterfalls. There are also numerous tenting websites within the location, which permit visitors to live overnight and revel in the herbal beauty of the location under the celebs.

Bird-looking is every other popular hobby at Bogatha Waterfalls. The location is home to a huge variety of hen species, consisting of many rare and endemic species. Visitors can spot birds consisting of the Malabar Trogon, the Blue-Faced Malkoha, and the Indian Pitta, among many others.

Swimming is likewise a popular activity at Bogatha Waterfalls. The cool, clear water of the waterfall gives a refreshing res

Resort close to Waterfalls: Feriado Resorts, Contact Number: 7077798333

Hotel close to the Waterfalls Haritha Grand Hotel Contact wide variety: 7075781555

Places Nearby Bogatha Waterfalls:
Malluru Narasimha Swamy Temple
Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple
Parnasala Temple
Eturunagaram Wildlife Sanctuary
Tourism Package:
The state government offers this bundle.

Official Website: www.Telanganatourism.Gov.In

Tour Cover: One-day excursion by using Non AC Coach from Hyderabad covers Bogatha Waterfalls
Time of departure: 6 am, arriving eleven:30 pm
Operated Days: Only Saturdays & Sundays
Price for Adults: Rs.1600 (Per Head)
Price for Child: Rs.12080 (Per Head)
Toll-Free Number:180042546464
Timings: 7 am to 8:30 pm
Private Tour Package:

Bogatha Waterfalls Tour Package from Hyderabad. It’s a one-day tour round Hyderabad.

Price for Adults: Rs.1500 (Per Head)
Price for Child: Rs.1200 (Per Head)
Operated Days: Only Saturdays & Sundays
Starting Time: First Boarding Time: 7:15 am
Ending Time at Bogatha Waterfalls: 05:00 pm
Package Exclusion:
Food and Beverages aren’t blanketed
Entry Tickets aren’t protected.
How to Reach Bogatha Waterfalls:
with the aid of Air The closest airport that allows you to get to Bogatha Waterfalls is Hyderabad, located at 300 kilometers. At the terminal, hire cars will transport passengers to the falls.

by way of rail:The closest railway station to Bogatha Waterfall is Bhadrachalam Road Railway Station situated at 120 kilometers. Rent a car from the railway station. This will take you to the preferred region.

Through Roads: Bogatha Waterfalls is offered by means of roads from quite a few locations. It is located 30 kilometers from Eturnagaram village one hundred twenty kilometers from Bhadrachalam a hundred and forty kilometers away from Warangal 200 kilometers far from Khammam and 330 kilometers from Hyderabad. You can rent a automobile or your car, start your journey from any of these places to reach at the destination.

Where is Bogatha Waterfalls?

chekupelli, Vajedu Road, Chekupalli Rd, Koyaveerapuram G, Telangana 507136.

Bogatha Waterfalls on which river?

Bogatha falls, that’s formed upon Chikupally Vagu, merges with River Godavari.

Are there any tours to be had that includes a go to to Bogatha Waterfalls?

Bogatha Waterfalls Tour Package from Hyderabad. It’s a one-day tour around Hyderabad.

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