8 Best Tourist Places in Kerala

8 Best Tourist Places in Kerala


8 Best Tourist Places in Kerala:Kerala, frequently called “God’s Own Country,” is a paradise nestled within the southwestern a part of India. Blessed with stunning herbal splendor, serene backwaters, lush inexperienced landscapes, and a wealthy cultural historic beyond, Kerala is a magnet for tourists searching for a completely unique combination of rest and adventure.

1. Munnar: The Jewel of the Western Ghats

Nestled within the verdant embrace of the Western Ghats, Munnar stands as a testament to nature’s unprecedented artistry. With its breathtaking landscapes, misty valleys, and vibrant plants, this picturesque hill station in Kerala, India, has rightfully earned its moniker as “The Jewel of the Western Ghats.” As you embark on a adventure to Munnar, be organized to be mesmerized through using its ethereal beauty and tranquil attraction.

A Symphony of Greenery

Munnar’s most iconic feature is its huge expanse of tea plantations that sprawl during the hills like a lush inexperienced carpet. The emerald-hued tea gardens, a legacy of British colonialism, lend a completely unique man or woman to the area. As the mist rolls in, the tea leaves glisten like droplets of dew, growing a surreal visual spectacle. The tea estates now not most effective provide panoramic views however additionally offer visitors with insights into the art work of tea cultivation via guided tours and interactive reports.

Anamudi: Reaching for the Sky

Standing tall and majestic within the region of Munnar is the Anamudi Peak, South India’s highest top. It beckons adventurers and trekkers to overcome its heights and enjoy the panoramic vistas that appearance ahead to at its summit. The trek to Anamudi gives an immersive enjoy as you traverse via dense forests, gurgling streams, and colourful plant life. The feeling of feat that incorporates status atop this height is without a doubt extraordinary.

Adventure within the Air

Munnar isn’t just about exploring the earth; it’s also approximately conquering the skies. The area offers thrilling possibilities for paragliding that permit you to bounce like a hen amidst the clouds. The adrenaline rush and the bird’s-eye view of the encompassing landscapes create reminiscences that final a lifetime. The gentle breeze carrying the aroma of tea and spices complements the experience, making paragliding in Munnar a very specific adventure.

Boating Bliss

As you find out Munnar’s environment, you’ll find out serene lakes that invite you to enjoy the magic of sailing. Kundala Lake, nestled amidst lush valleys, offers pedal boating, making for a romantic and leisurely activity. The tranquil waters replicate the verdant environment, developing a relaxing ambiance that contrasts with the bustling tempo of regular existence.

Tea Museum: Steeping in History

A visit to Munnar might be incomplete with out delving into the area’s tea facts at the Tea Museum. Housed in an antique tea manufacturing facility, the museum takes you on a journey through time, tracing the evolution of tea manufacturing within the vicinity. Antique tea processing gadget, photos, and interactive reveals provide a glimpse into the lives of the plantation employees and the evolution of Munnar’s tea business enterprise.

Best Tourist Places in Kerala



2. Alleppey: Venice of the East

Nestled alongside the tranquil waters of Kerala’s backwaters, Alleppey, additionally called Alappuzha, casts a spellbinding attraction that has earned it the become aware of of “Venice of the East.” With its complex community of canals, lagoons, and houseboats, Alleppey offers a unique and enchanting experience that transports visitors right into a global of serenity and natural splendor. As you embark on a journey to this charming destination, prepare to be captivated by manner of the serene backwaters and the idyllic enchantment of Alleppey.

Backwaters: A Serene Mirage

At the heart of Alleppey’s attraction lie its enchanting backwaters, a network of interconnected canals, lakes, and lagoons that create a dreamlike landscape. As you glide alongside the placid waters on a traditional houseboat, you’ll be immersed in a world wherein time appears to face nevertheless. The rhythmic ripples of water, the reflections of coconut wooden swaying inside the breeze, and the sight of village life alongside the banks provide an experience this is both peaceful and surreal.

Houseboat Cruises: A Voyage of Tranquility

One of the maximum iconic reviews in Alleppey is embarking on a houseboat cruise. These elegantly designed boats, harking again to traditional rice barges, provide a steeply-priced and immersive manner to discover the backwaters. As you go with the flow alongside, the houseboat becomes your cocoon of comfort, imparting you with all the centers you want at the same time as allowing you to soak in the beauty of the surroundings. The houseboat adventure is a retreat right into a world of tranquility, wherein the handiest sounds you pay interest are the ones of nature.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race: A Spectacle of Unity

Alleppey’s cultural tapestry comes alive at some point of the yearly Nehru Trophy Boat Race, a lively and vibrant event that showcases the place’s competitive spirit and camaraderie. Traditional snake boats, every manned thru a crew of rowers, race alongside the backwaters in a wide ranging spectacle of strength and teamwork. The race, held on the second Saturday of August, attracts spectators from spherical the area and gives a totally unique glimpse into the nearby way of life and traditions.

Sunsets and Sunrises: Nature’s Canvas

As the sun dips under the horizon, Alleppey’s backwaters are bathed in a warmth and ethereal glow. The sight of the sun setting at the back of the coconut timber, casting a golden hue on the water, is a sight to behold. Equally charming are the early morning sunrises, even as the calm waters replicate the changing colorations of the sky. Whether you’re on a houseboat or through the shore, these moments of herbal beauty are a photographer’s pleasure and a balm for the soul.

Village Life and Local Culture: A Glimpse into Authenticity

Alleppey’s backwaters aren’t only a seen treat; in addition they offer a danger to immerse your self inside the local manner of life. As you go with the flow along, you’ll witness villagers going about their every day activities – fishing, farming, and laundry artwork – presenting you with a glimpse into the proper rhythm of rural life. You also can have interaction with the locals, examine their traditions, or even attempt your hand at activities like coir-making.

3. Kochi: Where History Meets Modernity

Kochi, a colourful port metropolis, is a blend of historical attraction and modern-day-day sights. The Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi are iconic, at the identical time because the Mattancherry Palace presentations a wealthy collection of work of art and artifacts. Stroll thru Jew Town to discover vintage shops and the ancient Paradesi Synagogue. For a taste of contemporary art work, the Kochi-Muziris Biennale is a should-visit.

4. Wayanad: Land of the Lush Green Hills

Wayanad, nestled amidst the Western Ghats, captivates site visitors with its pristine landscapes, misty forests, and wealthy biodiversity. Embark on a trek to Chembra Peak to witness the coronary heart-shaped lake and panoramic views. The Edakkal Caves, decorated with ancient rock engravings, offer a charming glimpse into the area’s information. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary offers a risk to identify elephants, tigers, and numerous bird species.

5. Thekkady: Wildlife and Spice Aroma

For those seeking an come across with natural world, Thekkady is a must-visit vacation spot. Home to the Periyar National Park, this area offers interesting opportunities for jungle safaris and boat rides at the Periyar Lake. The perfume of spices fills the air right here, and site visitors can find out about spice cultivation and processing at nearby plantations.

6. Kovalam: Beach Bliss

Kovalam beckons with its golden sandy seashores and tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea. Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach, and Samudra Beach together shape this beautiful coastal city. Whether you are trying to relax beneath swaying palm bushes or bask in water sports activities like browsing and swimming, Kovalam has it all.

7. Varkala: Where Cliffs Embrace the Sea

Varkala gives a unique seashore enjoy, with dramatic purple cliffs overlooking the Arabian Sea. The Papanasam Beach is notion to have cleansing and restoration houses. A dip inside the waters proper right here is stated to easy away sins. The Janardanaswamy Temple and Sivagiri Mutt are religious landmarks that add to the city’s attraction.

8. Poovar: Serenity at its Best

Poovar, a tranquil village, is a hidden gem with backwaters, golden sands, and plush greenery. The Poovar Island separates the Neyyar River from the Arabian Sea, supplying a secluded retreat. Explore the mangrove forests on a ship trip, and do now not leave out the danger to live within the floating cottages for a totally unique revel in.


Kerala’s numerous and captivating panorama gives some thing for every visitor, whether or not you are searching out adventure, rest, or cultural exploration. From the misty hills of Munnar to the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey, the ancient appeal of Kochi, and the pristine beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, Kerala surely lives as an awful lot as its popularity as “God’s Own Country.” So, p.C. Your baggage and embark on a adventure to explore the mesmerizing splendor of this charming vacation spot

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